The Benefits for Teens

The teenage years can be very difficult and challenging. The martial arts give teenagers what they need in terms of self defence, fitness, learning how to set and meet goals and the ever important qualities of confidence and sense of self. Our martial arts club is a safe place, yet challenging and fulfilling too. Every person works hard, earns their rank and grows into the expectations that are set for them. After a short time, students often discover that their martial arts club and the support of other like minded individuals, is an experience that is invaluable and offers many positive benefits personally, socially and academically. A healthy setting, with physical activity, can help reduce anxiety and stress and put your teen on the path to becoming a responsible happy adult.

The Benefits for Adults

People take up martial arts training for a variety of reasons including self defence, weight loss, fitness and stress management. Sometimes, they step on to the floor and begin training because their child or partner began martial arts. Other times there is a desire for something deeper, something that can only be found inside, through the traditional discipline of the martial arts.
Whatever the initial reason the rewards are profound and plentiful.You will also find some muscles that you did not know existed as martial arts stances and techniques are full body movements resulting in total body fitness, strength and coordination.

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